In Depth Review of UK Mail

Formerly known as the Business Post, the UK Mail is a private company in the UK that offers postal services. This company is involved in collection and distribution of parcels and mail all over the UK since 2006 when postal services were deregulated. Its main competitors are Deutsche Post, Royal Mail and Whistl. And although it competes with Royal Mail, the UK Mail’s distribution channels deliver parcels to the Royal Mail offices for sorting and last mail delivery.

A Little about UK Mail History

This company was founded in 1971, but was a taxi firm at the time. Within a few years, it had made its mark as one of the largest courier services provider offering same day and overnight delivery services. By 1986, it was already a pretty large company which changed its name to Business Post and in 1993; it was listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). 

In 2003, the Postcomm granted this company a 7-year license as a postal services provider to businesses. As time went by, the company’s client list grew longer as more businesses and individuals sought reliable delivery services. In 2009, the company changed its name to the UK Mail Group from Business Post Group to reflect the emphasis of the company’s mail services arm.

Other than Mail Deliveries…

Apart from the regular postal services, the UK Mail offers the ipostparcel services which give clients a pay-as-you-go service for collection and deliver of mails and parcels without necessarily signing contracts.  

Additionally, the group’s imail service allows clients to create and send personal and business communication online through their computer. These electronic communications are printed and sent through the company’s mail distribution network. 

The UK Mail is also a major player in the country’s ecommerce business for its popularity as the delivery company of choice among online shoppers. You can check out trustpilot for reviews on UK Mail services.

Using the UK Mail Website

Sending Mail/Parcel

For starters, you can simply register on the website and get started on the services the company offers.  If you wish to send a parcel and you want to schedule a pick up, simply navigate to “My Collections” tab and input all the details as prompted, most important being the date, time and address of the pickup. Be sure to include contact information to enable constant communication for easier and faster services.

Arranging a Delivery

Once you have scheduled a pick up, you can arrange delivery on the site. This feature also allows you to edit initial delivery information at no hassle. It is important to accurately input delivery information such as the consignee, date and time of delivery, address etc to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Tracking Your Mail/Parcel

Once your parcel/mail has been picked, tracking its whereabouts at any time of day is easy and fast. For starters, you can easily track the parcel from the UK Mail website even without logging in. Additionally, you can get all the information pertaining to your parcel or mail online; where it was/is at any one time and the status. This tracking history is essential should anything happen.

Delivery Progress Notification

You will get notifications every time your mail/parcel gets to a certain point as well as when the delivery is finally made. You can also get notified when the driver is almost at your doorstep. This service dabbed “You’re next” is an automatic trigger that notifies you once the previous delivery has been made and yours is next.

Delivery Confirmation

Once your mail or parcel has been delivered, you will be notified via mail, and you can also get a copy of the notification on the UK Mail website. This notification gives you all the information pertaining to the delivery including whether or not the consignee was available. If no one was available to pick up the delivery, you are allowed to change details such as delivery address, authorized consignee or pick another date to make the delivery.

Queries and Complaints Handling

Every once in a while, the company can fail to get a mail/parcel delivered on time. This could be as a result of various circumstances, both on the company or client side. For instance, if the address is not accurately written, the delivery may take longer as the company employees try to figure out what exactly you meant with the address you gave.

Additionally, if the parcel contains some items that the UK Mail does not allow, the delivery will be delayed or even undelivered! It is therefore important to go through the list of items that the company can legally deliver and what they cannot to avoid inconveniences. If your complaint cannot be handled online, you can always call UK Mail for further assistance.


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